Triangular Prostatic Stent (TPS)

The TPS stent was recently published in the Endourology Journal after yielding promising results:


During the last 2 decades, the use of prostatic stents has started to become an alternative to indwelling catheters or even to surgery. The adaptation of existing vascular stents for different non-vascular conditions created a gap in the market for site- and disease-specific stents that are designed precisely to the anatomy and physiology of the organ to be treated.

Allium's unique large caliber, site-specific, triangular shaped, dynamic and easily removable prostatic stent

Allium's prostatic stents have a large caliber triangular cross-section to match the contours of the prostatic urethral lumen and have the ability to exert varying degrees of radial force depending on the anatomy. For example, higher radial force in its main body and lower radial force in the area near the external sphincter to prevent sphincteric dysfunction. These characteristics enable the Allium Prostatic Stents to conform to the prostatic urethra, allow an excellent flow and offer a much improved comfort than existing stents, all these without geopardizing the voluntary continence mechanism.


  • Indicated for all prostatic obstructions
  • Ambulatory procedure
  • Long indwelling time
  • Easy insertion under topical anesthesia
  • Easy stent positioning
  • Excellent stent for prostatic urethral lumen conformation
  • Excellent patient comfort
  • Excellent voiding control
  • Preservation of sexual function
  • No tissue in-growth
  • Easy stent removal

Product Models

  • The delivery system is 24Fr caliber.
  • Stent sizes available in a caliber of 45Fr and 30mm, 40mm, 50mm or 60mm.
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