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Allium™ Medical The URS – Ureteral Stent
The URS is the ultimate answer for managing chronic benign and malignant lower ureteral stenosis, requiring long-term or chronic ureteral stenting. It is a fully covered flexible stent with a high-radial force and large caliber body, clinically designed to fit the anatomy ...

Allium™ Medical TheRPS – Round Posterior Urethral Stent
The RPS provides minimal invasive management for urethro-vesical anastomotic stenosis, to open
occluded passages for easy urination after Radical Prostatectomy ...

Allium™ Medical TheTPS –Triangular Prostatic Stent
The TPS is the only lumen conforming, large caliber, triangular prostatic stent indicated for all prostatic obstructions. Its triangular shape as well as the high radial force body and low radial force edge near the external sphincter enable ...

Allium™ Medical The BUS - Bulbar Urethral Stent–
The BUS is the ultimate answer for providing minimal invasive management for bulbar strictures. The stent is intended for a long indwelling period, to open the occluded urethral passage and allow spontaneous urination. The BUS has a large caliber...


Allium Ureteral Stent (URS) Instructions For Use

Allium Round Posterior Urethral Stent System (RPS) Instructions For Use

Allium Triangular Prostatic Urethral Stent System(TPS) Instructions For Use

Allium Bulbar Urethral Stent System (BUS) Instructions For Use


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