Bulbar Stent (BUS)

Stents are grossly under-utilized in recurrent urethral strictures. There is no adequate solution for the treatment of recurrent urethral strictures other than palliative measures such as repeated dilations or optical urethrotomy. Reconstructive urethral surgery which can be successful only in the hands of experts. Studies showed that after optical urethrotomy, temporary stents left indwelling for a period of 12-14 months can prevent recurrent stenosis in up to 70% of patients.


Allium's Bulbar Stent is designed specifically for the treatment of recurrent strictures along the bulbar urethra. They will be the new therapeutic tool in the hands of the urologist who is not an expert in urethral surgery but has a case-load of recurrent urethral stricture patients to be treated. Differing from previous stents, they are large in caliber to match the contours of the bulbar urethral lumen. The main body acts as a mold to allow forming a large urethral lumen. The dynamic sphincteric segment prevents sphincteric dysfunction that may cause incontinence. The Allium Bulbar Stent is intended for temporary use and is designed to be removed easily and safely even after long indwelling periods.



  • Indicated for all recurrent bulbar urethral strictures
  • Ambulatory procedure
  • Long indwelling time
  • Endoscopic and fluoroscopic insertion possible
  • Insertion under topical anesthesia
  • Easy insertion and stent positioning
  • Excellent patient comfort
  • Excellent voiding control
  • Preservation of sexual function
  • No tissue in-growth
  • Easy removal of the device


Product Models

  • Delivery systems - the BUS is inserted under vision via an endoscopic delivery tool.
  • Stent sizes available in a caliber of 45 Fr and lengths of 50mm, 60mm and 80mm. 
  • Another, new stent, is available - 80mm long, but mounted reversed on the delivery system. It was designed to be implanted in those rare cases where the stenosis is in proximity to the external sphincter or when it reaches the verge of the distal bulbar, meeting the penile urethra.
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